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Payment Methods: What are they and how to use them?

PAGE CARDS: You can conveniently pay with any payment card (credit, debit and prepaid cards) through our dedicated VivaWallet payment portal. Supported Circuits: Postepay Visa MasterCard MasterCard American Express DELIVERY PAYMENT: In case you wish you can also request cash payment directly to the Courier at the time of delivery.   BANK TRANSFER: It is [...]
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Cannabis and Cbd under Monopoly with manufacturing tax

Cannabis “Art. 81-bis. (Hemp inflorescence tax ) – Cannabis 1. According to the consolidated text of the legislative provisions concerning taxes on production and consumption and related criminal and administrative sanctions referred to in the legislative decree of 26 October 1995, n. 504, the following amendments are made: . a)after article 62-quater the following is […]

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CBD Cannabis , News and Updates on Fabrizio Cinquini

Following the case of Fabrizio Cinquini Good news come from the lawyer Carlo Alberto Zaina, who attests that the GIP of Lucca has released 72 kg of CBD Cannabis and establishes that the only parameter of THC to be used e. and that of 0.5%. In Italy continue to seize supplies of CBD Cannabis , […]

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Fragen und Antworten zu CBD und seine Wirkung

Wir haben in diesem Artikel die unserer Sicht nach wichtigsten Fragen und Antwort zu CBD und seine Wirkung geschrieben. Die Forschung bestätigt zunehmend die vielen Vorteile des nicht-psychotropen CBD-Moleküls. Glücklicherweise wird langsam vielen klar, dass CBD nicht high macht und nicht mit THC in diesem Sinne vergleichbar ist. Je mehr wir über CBD lernen, desto [...]
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CBD Oil and Rest: Is Cannabidiol the Solution?

CBD oil CBD Oil : The Solution for Insomnia ? We’ve all been there: it’s well past your bedtime and you haven’t even arrived for your date with sleep yet. Your mind is racing, your heart is trying to keep up and you can’t seem to shake the stress. It’s a frustrating experience that many […]

CBD e Ricerca

CBD and Research

Scientific research is still exploring the actual interaction between receptors and cannabinoids. At present we are aware that CBD blocks the degradation of endocannabinoids causing more of them to be active in our bodies. In addition to increasing the number of endocannabinoids in circulation, CBD is also a powerful ally for improving mood; some research [...]
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Medical Cannabis , Let’s discover its history

Modern history of medical cannabis: from widespread use to prohibition and back again Throughout the history of pharmacology, there are numerous examples of widely used, almost “trendy” drugs prescribed by physicians at one time or another as a kind of panacea (cure for all ills) and then neglected, forgotten or even banned because they were […]

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CBD: beneficial properties of cannabidiol

What does CBD mean? Does it really have beneficial properties? In this video you will find all the information you need to better understand the topic and understand what benefits you can get from this natural substance.