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Cannabidiolo Legale

Cannabidiol, Let’s find out its legality


How much THC and CBD must cannabis have in order to be considered legal in Italy?

Cannabidiol or CBD in Italy is considered legal because the regulation imposed by law, involves essentially the concentration of THC, which in fact must be less than 0.2% with a maximum fluctuation up to 0.6%. All the genetic varieties of sativa hemp from which light cannabis is obtained have been obtained thanks to innovative agronomic methods.

This has given rise to varieties which are depotentiated from the psychotropic point of view so much so that they cannot be considered narcotic. Despite the presence of cannabidiol or CBD is irrelevant

Since it is an active ingredient which does not have any psychoactive action per se

Therefore it can be taken legally through marijuana as well as through the use of any cannabis derivatives.

So what are the derivatives of cannabis light considered legal and therefore not subject to the effects of the sentence of May 30, 2019? Undoubtedly it is possible to market, purchase and assume all cannabis products with a high concentration of CDB

That is, that do not cause any psychoactive action, and that respect the threshold of tolerance indicated by law about the concentration of THC.

Light cannabis and inflorescences that prefer the concentration of CBD as well as CDB oil, cannabis foods, cosmetics based on hemp sativa are allowed. On the other hand, all products with non-compliant concentrations of THC are still subject to the risk of suspension and seizure, due to their known and questionable doping efficacy.

The rate of THC allowed within Europe varies from country to country, usually not exceeding the <0.3 THC to ensure a free trade within countries, with Italy reaching a limit of <0.5 THC and only Switzerland that goes up to <1.0 THC.

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